Thursday, February 25, 2010

West Coast National Park Part 2

We went further to the camp to see what it looks like because we planned on spending an overnight trip to the park someday. I must say it looks really nice, in the middle of nowhere amongst the fyn bos.

We headed back to the main road again toward Langebaan gate. We turned off to the Geelbek Visitors Centre and I must say this road had a lot of activity. We saw a young Yellow Billed Kite sitting in a tree waiting for its parent to feed it. I think we sat there for about an hour wanting to see it being fed, but it was not meant to be. I did get a few pictures of it but they are not good at all. I will post only one.

There is a row of trees on the right side of the road as we were heading toward the Visitors Centre and in these trees, right at the top were Black Headed Heron nesting. It was an amazing site to see, these big birds coming in from the water side and land in these trees to feed the young. As soon as the adults land you can hear very clear and LOUD how these babies scream for food. I could not get any clear pictures of this.

At Geelbek Visitors Centre we did what we needed to do and then went to the little shop and bought some snacks for the rest of the trip. It looked as if they had a wedding in a tent at the back of the visitors centre. I think that could have been cool.

We left Geelbek Visitors Centre and stopped by those trees where we saw the Black Headed Heron and walked to the bird hide. On the way there I took a picture of the other bird hide.

We also saw what looked like Kittlitz’s Plover and a Black-Winged Stilt. I must say the Black-Winged Stilt looks as if it is on stilts.

To be continued.

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